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Ok, so technically it’s our farm (Hannah and Micah’s).  But we named our farm for our cat. That’s right! We named our cat after a mountain…and our farm after our cat.  Creativity, right?  Well, when I was 6 I named my cat “Little Grey” so, let’s just say I don’t excel at naming stuff.  That said, our cat definitely does think he own’s the place.  So, calling it Rundle’s Urban farm isn’t all that far off.


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Sweet and Hot Peppers we’re trying this year

For many in our area, growing peppers can be a great source of frustration. It takes forever for them to ripen, if they even ripen at all. And, even if you do get a few peppers to ripen, it’s just that: a few. Last year we grew peppers in the garden, but we grew even more in the greenhouse. The ones in the garden performed about as expected. We harvested a ton of small hot peppers from a variety called Nepali Orange. But, the rest of the varieties only produced a handful of peppers. On the other hand, the peppers

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This Post Needs a better title

Apparently, there aren’t a lot of SEO friendly ways to say here are the crop successes and failures from 2022. So anyway, this post needs a better title, but I bring you lessons, successes and failures from our 2022 gardening season. Failures I guess I’ll start with the failures to get them out of the way and hopefully encourage you in trying again when at first you don’t succeed…well unless it’s melons that is. Squash – to crowded Our squash performance was abysmal in 2022. We crammed 26 hills into a 10×6 foot area of our garden and spaced the

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Which Tomato Varieties Made the cut for 2023?

Selecting the Top tomatoes of 2022 The 2022 garden season came to an prolonged yet abrupt end at the beginning of November. We went straight from no sign of freezing to inches of snow in the first few days of the month. The tomatoes we harvested in mid October, in anticipation of a normal first frost, spent most of October and November ripening on the kitchen counter. And I finally finished processing them just before Thanksgiving. Now, in the depths of winter, garden planning makes for a cozy reprieve. Today’s goal? Determining the top tomatoes of 2022 and which ones

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